Back in the Swing of Things… Finally

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Happy Aloha Friday Everyone!  I wanted to let you all know, my computer has finally arrived.  That means my Etsy Shop is now active again!!  Please have a look.  I will be offering more photos soon and will be posting “Life is a Byway – Part 2” next month.  Have a great weekend and check back for more updates!



Aloha xoxo,

Carissa Marie Wong

Life is a Byway – Part 1

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As some of you may have heard from my last post, I made the big move back to Oahu, Hawaii in the beginning of December.  That’s right, goodbye big city of Los Angeles and hello island life! To celebrate, Daniel and I decided to take a road trip out to Oklahoma.  We wanted to say goodbye to his family out there and also get in one last road trip before the move.  We took the scenic route which was absolutely awe inspiring (and took 9 days).  First stop – Las Vegas, Nevada.


Good Bye Marina Del Rey and Venice Continue Reading…


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As you all know, a new year means change.  I ended 2012 by moving out to Hawaii with my boyfriend, Daniel.  We are still getting settled in so bare with me on the updates.  My Etsy shop is limited at the moment because I am waiting for my main computer to arrive.  Anyway, I also made some changes to the portfolio and contact section.  I have a new email address (of course the caps don’t matter).  I posted new pictures as well as retired some older ones.  Don’t worry, you can still view them here.  Wishing you all a very special 2013.


No Hay – Barcelona, Spain Continue Reading…

Falling into Fall

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The end of summer is always bittersweet for me.  It’s time to put away the bikinis and get ready for shorter days, but it’s also time to bust out the maps and gear up for desert shots.  Fall is my favorite time to shoot in abandoned structures.  The weather is cool enough to venture into the dry desert areas and the sun sets a bit earlier so I can squeeze in my light drawings before I get too tired.

Floating Above LA (purchase print here)

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Adventures in Slippahs

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Beware of Falling Coconuts (Purchase Print Here)

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my exploring attire is always heavily accessorized with safety gear… For my Oahu adventures, that dress code went straight out the door.  In Los Angeles, the only time I don’t get sh*t for wearing sandals (slippahs) is in the summer, during the day, at the beach.  In Hawaii, it’s accepted and expected to wear them pretty much anywhere you go.  On my most recent trip to Oahu, I only packed sandals, dresses, and camera gear. Continue Reading…

Lost & Found – Abandoned History – Part 2

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Continued… Please read Part 1 first.

Ghost Towns are always fun to explore, but I find it really creepy when the homes are no longer standing.  Continue Reading…

Lost & Found – Abandoned History – Part 1

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There’s something oddly beautiful about deserted buildings and decaying structures.  I have been exploring abandoned buildings, cities, and lifestyles for the past few years.  Some people think I’m crazy for going into bacteria ridden rooms and walking across unstable flooring.  I think of it as part of the adventure.  Hell, urban exploring is just as dangerous as smoking, drinking, driving, LIVING LIFE.  I don’t cross the street without looking both ways, just like I don’t walk across broken floor boards without testing them first.  I am one of the most paranoid people I know, I try to cover every angle.  With that being said, my tiny camera bag usually has at least 3 or 4 flashlights (including several sos headlights), a first aid kit, rope, a knee brace, water, food, and of course my camera equipment.

Here is a glimpse into my urban exploring life. Continue Reading…

Venice Lights

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I have been working on a series of light drawings.  Here are some photos from my Venice Lights series.  Please feel free to leave a comment/feedback.. I’d love to hear what you all think.  Continue Reading…

Summer Sum Up

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I am really going to miss the long summer days and warm breezy nights (although the West Side of LA really didn’t have a summer.. AGAIN).  Continue Reading…

Tag, You’re It: Images From New York City

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On a recent trip to New York City I spent time photographing street art in some of The City’s hidden urban spaces. Check out some of my favorite shots of the day in this inspiring landscape!


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